We are a team of specialists in the financial and technical field. The goal of this project is to provide prompt and reliable financial information about banking and insurance products, as well as transfer knowledge that helps build a successful business.

SmmPak is a joint news portal of Holidays and Health Television Images. On the pages of the portal, you can get acquainted with news and information and analytical materials that are jointly created by the employees of these two enterprises.

In the "Over the air" section, the personal opinions of the employees of the SmmPak Holidays, Global Images and the editors of the portal, as well as the contributors, are published. The materials published in this section, as well as in the authors' profiles on Twitter and Facebook, do not reflect the official opinion of smmpak.store editors.

The creation of the portal was envisaged by the program of the Cabinet of Ministers to solidify society, national identity and strengthen the position of the state language in the spring of 2012. In this regard, in autumn 2012 the government allocated 82.3 thousand lats for the development of the portal. Another 50 thousand lats were allocated to support the portal until 2015 (inclusive).


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