Best Original Hand Drawn illustration | Beautiful Drawing 2021 Images

best original hand drawn illustration | hand made drawn 2021 images

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1. Turn hand drawings into digital illustrations

Move the finger strokes into the computer by loading SketchBook PRO. The stroke tool in your hand sketch should now look like a parallelogram. The straight lines should continue horizontally (down). Create a new layer. Find the largest single stroke of each finger. Note the orientation of the finger from top to bottom; you’ll edit each stroke later. 2. Rename the horizontal segments. You’ll be editing each stroke later, so this step is about reusing information. In the middle is the x-axis of the parallelogram, which defines the diagonal arm of the hand. Drag the vertical segments, which are the y-axis, up and down. 3. Select, build, save.

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2. How to Made Hand Drawing Images

Drawing Hands From Top to Bottom If you can trace the outline of the hand or pick it out of a photograph, you can make a good hand drawing. That’s if you’re not at the point where you’re drawing fingers. Put that aside for now, and keep it simple with basic cartilage bones. The palm is where you’re going to start adding shading, the sides of the hand, and the finger tips. Levens uses the area just behind the thumb and the palm as the focus point. You’ll end up painting those lines later, but first make sure you get the details of the palm right. You’ll also need to go back in and fill in the line between the hand and the wrist. A line drawn right along the elbow should point directly down to the wrist. “And that’s where the elbow meets the wrist,” says Daviscourt.

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