What are the treatments associated with the coronavirus?

 What are the treatments associated with the coronavirus?

covid 19 - corona virus with medical vaccine

MERS patients typically require ventilation, nutrition, and antibiotics during recovery. What are the symptoms of the coronavirus? MERS patients have a high fever of between 40 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit and a dry cough. Do these symptoms resemble those of the common cold or the flu? No. In contrast to a cold or flu, there is no sudden onset of symptoms and no flu-like symptoms. Instead, a chronic or fluctuating fever is the typical presenting symptom. Is it important for me to visit a health care provider right away if I have any of the following symptoms: Nausea Diarrhea Fever Achiness Headache Fatigue No one can be certain what kind of virus has caused the MERS outbreak or even which virus is most prevalent.


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