Free Facebook Timeline Cover: Design The Ultimate Profile Picture

Free Facebook Timeline Cover: Design The Ultimate Profile Picture

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What is a facebook cover?

The facebook cover size With a facebook cover profile image, you can impress your facebook friends, family members and followers. Choosing the right facebook cover photo is a hard task for everyone but what is crucial is that you should keep in mind that facebook cover size and design must be eye-catching and attractive to your facebook friends and followers. Many people are facing problems in choosing the right facebook cover picture, what if you have the power and capability to design the cover for your own profile picture? How to make a facebook cover? For the purpose of making a facebook cover, you can use facebook cover psd image, you need to download the free facebook cover template photos, you can use the photoshop and photoshop plus programs.

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Download the best templates

READ MORE: 16 Gorgeous Facebook Cover Images For Your Artwork Free Facebook Logo This free facebook logo design will allow you to create your own custom facebook cover image to add to your profile page. Very easy and straightforward design.Download the exclusive facebook logo design for your personal page. Download the exclusive facebook logo design for your personal page. Download the exclusive facebook logo design for your personal page. Download the exclusive facebook logo design for your personal page. Download the exclusive facebook logo design for your personal page. Download the exclusive facebook logo design for your personal page. Download the exclusive facebook logo design for your personal page.

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How to design your facebook cover photo

Step 1: Select photo elements that you like Step 2: Add text box Step 3: Foto Frames Step 4: upload the desired size of cover image to facebook website and make sure that it’s large enough to cover the entire wall. Step 5: You can’t upload the custom cover picture on facebook now, you have to upload the cover picture of your friend or famous. Step 6: Upload photos from your computer or its online gallery Step 7: Choose frames for cover photo and place them in the cover image Step 8: Set images location in different sizes. You can select multiple frames at one time or drag and drop them. Step 9: crop the cover picture to make sure that the size is exactly the same as the cover image psd file. Step 10: Edit the photo crop to add the text box and set the frame.

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Designing Your Facebook Cover Photo

Make your facebook cover a fascinating picture by removing the text and make it look like a canvas for a painting or a piece of art. Because of this, you can create your own facebook cover. You can make it as unique as you want. If you want to make your facebook cover pretty, then you can make use of the filter effect. Use the filter effects to make your facebook cover as appealing as possible. If you want to make your own facebook cover, then you can select any photo from your facebook account that you want to use as your facebook cover photo. Designing your facebook cover picture is much more important than you think. If you are designing your facebook cover picture as a professional photographer, then you should be more careful.

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How to get your perfect facebook cover

– Visit our page and click on the cover photo you want and download it as a photo in jpeg file. – Next, make sure that you select the quality setting for your photo. You can find that in the picture and graphics panel. – Now you will see the name and contact info of the service provider in the lower right corner. – Click on your desired cover and it will load your facebook profile in full size.

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Free Facebook Cover Designs

Theme and design can be used for a variety of purposes including, 1. Very unique profile, cover or profile page designs. 2. Better designs for advertising facebook status updates or 3. Engagement & brand promotion facebook cover designs 4. Social status updates, slideshow facebook covers,wallpaper facebook covers 5. Photo collages. 6. Portrait shots or other photos. 7. Slideshow of all of the photos on your facebook cover 8. Classy profile and cover pages. 9. Wallpapers for your facebook. 10. Likes and comments Facebook cover and profile photos. 11. Free facebook covers with witty tags or initials.

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Creating Your Own Facebook Cover Design

Get the perfect Facebook cover design. Use a range of colours to compose the perfect design of your facebook cover picture. As a user, you are usually reluctant to share a social media profile picture. The quality of the design and colour scheme of the profile picture play a big role in determining the sort of image that you will generate. If the picture is not creative, colourful and vibrant, then it won't generate a lot of traffic on the social media platform. What Size Should Your Facebook Cover Picture Be? Regardless of your facebook picture’s size, its size should match the screen dimensions of the FB mobile app. A huge or small image might be a turnoff. It's always advisable to upload the highest resolution version of your cover picture for the best possible impact.

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Best Free Facebook Timeline Cover PSD Templates

Create a Facebook profile template and cover design. Create a Facebook Cover for your Application. Create a perfect Facebook cover for your Blog or Website. Create a Free Facebook cover poster. Creating Facebook cover design isn’t hard, just follow the steps above and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to design a stunning cover page. For the people who want to create a perfect cover and don’t know where to start, don’t worry we have collected a whole bunch of great free facebook cover psd templates and you can download and use them as your top choice. Check out some of the best free facebook cover PSD templates here. Facebook Cover PSD Templates Download Simple Facebook cover templates.

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Thank you for purchasing "Facebook Timeline Cover"!

My name is Kvinto Rossi. I`ll tel you how to use this timeline cover. It`s very easy!

How to place your image into the timeline cover.

When you open any of the PSD files, you will see in the Layers palette the smart layers

branded in green color. This is that you need.

They contain the smart object. Just duble cllick on the thumbnail of this smart layer and drag the image.

Put your image in this smart object on the plane

Demo fb-timeline-cover-10

Inser your image into and click on "file", "save" or Ctrl + S (for PC) or Cmd + S (for Mac).

Done! Now Your image is placed in to the Facebook Timeline Cover.

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