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Western nations whether France whether or not it's different nations whether it's European international locations but a great deal they hate the prophet Allah guarantees that he-will cut them outfrom all future, and we've the instance the moment the French president said that Islam is in crisis all over the global some days later one in all theFrench aid workers by the name of Sophie Petronas she was released after being taken hostage in December 2016 some of the jihadists in Mali where she was working as an aid worker amongst the orphans to remove malnutrition when she was working in December 2016 she was taken as hostage by some of the Muslim jihadi, and she was kept as a prisoner for four years and recently she was the last French hostage all over the world who was released by these malis jihadists so when she was released just a couple of weeks backs when she came in the plane the French president himself went to the airport to receive her.

 Sophie pratanin she was kept as a hostage for four years when she came down from the stairs of the plane the French president he greeted her and when she came down you could see her wearing the scarf, and she said that I am not Sophie I am Maryam alhamdulillah she had accepted islam imagine when the people tried to find out that did they treat you how are they she had kind words for those people who had taken her hosting, and she said that what they are doing is for the freedom, and she respected them so much so that she accepted islam and it was a shock for the president of france he goes to the receiver, and then he finds out that she has accepted islam he hurriedly sees to it that you know everything is you know hushed up this is allah's planning they plan and plot allah two plans allah the best of pranas allah says in surah imran chapter number three verse number 54.

they plan and plotted allah to plant allah the best of planners here you find that the president of france was criticizing islam and he goes to receive the lady who was freed after four years and he gets the shock of his life that she accepted islam and this reminds me of euron Ridley who was another white journalist from UK who was taken as a hostage by the Taliban in Afghanistan and when she was released she openly praised the Taliban and the Taliban only requested when they released her that you promise us that you read the Quran and when she came back she read the Quran and Alhamdulillah she accepts islam.

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